Speech and Language is at Our Core

We want our pupils to:

  • Achieve the very best progress in their speech, language and communication
  • Attain the highest levels of achievement in all their learning
  • Become independent thinkers and learners who use their knowledge creatively
  • Flourish and grow in the presence of others and develop effective social skills that lead to successful friendships and relationships
  • Learn tolerance and acceptance of themselves and others
  • Be enabled for the opportunities, responsibilities, experiences and expectations of their future life as part of a community and the workforce

We will provide:

  • Knowledge, skills and resources tailored to meet the special educational needs of our pupils
  • Access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is guided by the National Curriculum and strongly influenced by the individual needs of pupils
  • A specialist environment that is focused on language use and acquisition and that positively supports and develops all aspects of pupils’ speech, language and communication
  • Effective multi-professional teams that plan and work collaboratively throughout the school
  • A 24 hour curriculum for residential and day pupils which is caring, supportive, challenging and encourages independence, friendship and inclusion
  • Strong spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development for all learners 
  • Positive developments in pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and emotional well-being
  • Partnerships between school, home and communities to enhance and extend pupils’ learning, communication, social and life skills
  • Programmes enabling pupils to become responsible, active members of their community 
  • An environment where all communication is accepted and valued, and where appropriate forms of augmentative communication (Sign Supported English, Cued Articulation, symbols, communication aids) are promoted across all settings
  • A learning environment that embraces cutting-edge technology

The school has a School Development Plan (SDP), a vision shared by all, which sets out priorities for development and improvements over the next three years in order that we achieve our mission and aims.