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Thomas' Story

Thomas has a rare genetic disorder which has left him with very severe communication difficulties, mild/moderate learning delay, as well as severe dyspraxia and low muscle tone. As a twin, his parents Neil and Victoria could see that he was not developing at the same rate as his brother, and that he was not forming sounds in the same way. Thomas started at Meath in January 2010 and responded almost immediately. Within months he was putting longer sentences together; by unlocking his language, it unlocked Thomas as well.

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Reama's Story

Every day parents face the challenge of finding the help and support that their child needs for their speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), as well as the support that they as parents need when dealing with their child’s difficulties. Reama’s son Tait attends I CAN’s Meath School. As well as being a parent, Reama is also one of the school’s Governors and she has a great deal of experience of the challenges parents face, as the journey to finding the right place for Tait to go to school was a long and difficult one.

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Daniel's Story

Daniel’s mum Emma spent hours searching for the right school for her son after being told by a hospital that he would never talk. After finding I CAN and speaking to a speech and language therapist through the Enquiry Service, an assessment was booked at Meath where Daniel was found to have a phonological disorder, oral dyspraxia, and an expressive and receptive language disorder. In the three years since he came to Meath as a pupil, Daniel has made amazing progress and is now talking in sentences.

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Alexander’s Story

Alexander’s mum, Cath discovered his difficulties when he was two years old and struggling to engage with his environment. He couldn’t make sounds on command, and an initial assessment (aged 5) told his parents that he may never speak. Since attending Meath as a pupil, life for Zan is very different; he has the skills to access a curriculum, knows his numbers and his letters and is working on his reading, his expressive language, his ability to provide reasons and ask “why?”

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Gaining A Voice with Meath School

A video telling the story of Alexander's progress since attending I CAN's Meath School, as told by his Mum, headteacher Janet Dunn, and head of therapy Simon Elliott.

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Gaining A Voice: Simon Elliott, Head of Therapy at I CAN's Meath School

Simon Elliott, Head of Therapy at Meath School, tells us how Meath School encourages its pupils to make progress