Meath Excellence/Case Studies

Alexander’s Story

Before we came to Meath, we didn’t really discover Alexander’s difficulties until he was 2, but we could see that he could not engage with his environment. Alexander could not make any sounds on command, not even sounds. Never mind words or letters, sounds, and he was five. So a very very bleak picture. The assessment told us they hoped he would speak but it would be unlikely. It was a very lonely time because Alexander could not engage; he could not engage with other children, he could not engage with adults. It was really really tough before Meath.

Life for Xan is so different as a result of coming to the school; he has relationships, he has friendships, he has the skills to access a curriculum, he knows his numbers and he knows his letters. He’s working on reading, his expressive language, his ability to give reason, ask why and to use the word ‘because’ to explain himself. It has opened so many doors because he can actually have a conversation with people. These are skills we never thought Alexander would be able to embrace.

Meath have given him a voice and he is able to use that voice. And I cannot thank Meath School enough, I am so grateful for the doors they’ve opened for my child. They’ve made the future brighter for him as a result of him being here. Their effort, their direction and their focus is incredible and I could not have wanted anything better.